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Dust reduction – dedusting air with mist water

We offer effective installations, such as dust reduction in water mist technology, tailored to individual needs. Fog systems are used wherever we deal with the transport and transshipment of bulk materials. Typical applications such as: mining industry, energy (coal, biomass), aggregates and wherever the dust accompanying the production has a significant impact on the working conditions of people and machines.

Reducing dust from the air reduces the risk of fire and explosion (e.g. coal dust, cellulose, etc.) and improves the productivity of workers, the durability of machines and equipment. It also allows you to maintain technological rigors in industrial processes.

Water mist dedusting systems can be used in industries such as:

  • mining industry,
  • energy industry,
  • Aggregates
  • wood industry
  • waste management
  • transport and pouring of dusty materials.
Dust reduction

Mist technique

Water mist is generated by means of dedicated diffusers built on the basis of high-pressure nozzles with a durable ceramic insert. Water is sprayed without the participation of compressed air into droplets with diameters of several microns. As a result, such a large fragmentation of water allows for effective capture of dust particles, depriving them of volatile properties.

Odpylanie mgłowe - zasada działania

Construction and components

The basic components of the system include components such as a high-pressure generator and fogging diffusers. They apply fog directly to the vicinity of the source of pollination. The whole is supervised by a controller that controls the parameters of the system on an ongoing basis, reacting to defects such as a power error or a drop in water pressure (e.g. damage to the installation). The system can operate continuously, be controlled by a signal from the humidity sensor, as well as an external signal. It is important that thanks to the use of high pressure, there is no need for compressed air, as well as the entire installation is connected by a single hydraulic line.

Advantages of pressure systems

  • Simple installation, Space-saving – the installation is carried out by a thin single pressure hydraulic line, there is no need to pull the compressed air system
  • Very low noise level – pressure nozzles are quiet and the system does not roar like a waterfall
  • Very high energy efficiency in relation to pneumatic systems

Functional characteristics of the dedusting system

  • processor driver for max. 4 dedusting zones – allows you to dose fog only in the place where it is needed at the moment
  • fogging capacity: 2 000 l/h or greater
  • integration with factory automation systems (logic inputs and relay outputs)
  • full bacteriological safety thanks to the use of UV lamps and special methods of disinfection of installations
Odpylanie mgłowe