Industrial air humidification

Professional industrial air humidification are fog systems used in such areas as: printing houses, warehouses, production halls, assembly lines, laboratories, moisturizing chambers.


Przemysłowe nawilżanie powietrza

Humidifying the air

Nawilżanie powietrza hali
We offer tailor-made industrial air humidification as well as industrial humidifier installations. They determine the relative humidity of the air in woodworking plants (such as the production of windows, doors). Also in printing houses, chemical, food, textile and other industries. Wherever relative humidity and air temperature have a significant impact on working and production conditions.

Air dedusting

Odpylanie powietrza
We offer effective dust reduction installations in water mist technology, tailored to individual needs. Fog systems are used wherever we deal with the transport and transshipment of bulk materials, such as coal. Typical applications are, for example: mining, energy (coal, biomass), aggregates and wherever the dust accompanying the production has a significant impact on the working conditions of people and machines.

Fire protection

Gaszenie mgłowe
Fog systems are used wherever traditional sprinkler systems or extremely dangerous for humans gas systems displacing oxygen, i.e. filling rooms with gas, are not suitable. The most common applications such as: churches, museums, printing houses, factories, wood processing plants, control rooms, electrical switchboards.