Humidity and temperature recording

Systems for recording and visualizing environmental parameters

As a complement to the installed humidification and air dehumidification systems, we also offer you a module for recording environmental parameters (humidity recording and temperature recording). The standard device allows you to record parameters in your own non-volatile memory, additionally with the possibility of reading from the LAN. Optionally, it can be equipped with additional modules that increase functionality, according to the user’s requirements.

Functions and capabilities of the humidity and temperature registering system:

  • recording parameters such as humidity and temperature from 32 zones,
  • data storage time limited by the size of internal memory (normally over a year),
  • reporting in the form of charts,
  • the ability to export to text files or spreadsheets such as Ms Excel,
  • possibility of remote access via LAN as well as the Internet,
  • alarm status indication,
  • the ability to control external devices.
GORKE - Humidity recording

Humidity recording – application

  • warehouses of goods sensitive to environmental conditions – food, wood, cardboard packaging, metals susceptible to corrosion,
  • production halls, technological lines, production lines,
  • climatic chambers, laboratories,
  • museums, archives.

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