Industrial air humidification

Humidification of the air is not only important in the home sphere, to improve the comfort of residents staying in it. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain an appropriate level of humidity on industrial facilities. Production halls and warehouses often require specific air parameters such as temperature and humidity to be maintained. In combination with the ventilation of the facility and heating, we obtain low relative humidity values inside the hall. Such facilities require the launch of an industrial air humidification system, which is selected to the production or storage requirements.

What gives humidification of the air of the production hall

Here are some examples of the benefits of maintaining humidity in industrial facilities.

Moistening the tree

Humidifying the air in the wood industry reduces the moisture shrinkage of wood and paper. Too dry wood shrinks and cracks, which excludes it from further use. In addition, wood processing causes dust and the need to use lashings. Adequate air humidity in the production hall reduces wood and paper dust in the air.

Nawilżanie drewna

Humidification of paint shops

Varnishing, gluing and drying processes require a moisture content of 45 to 65%. In dry conditions, the adhesion of varnishes and adhesives drops sharply, and the layers applied during painting dry too quickly. This reduces the quality of painting, causes a non-uniform painting surface, or visible stripes created during painting.

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Humidification of electronics production

Humidification of the electronics industry is important due to electrostatics. In electronics factories there are zones of ESD devices, where special electrostatic floors are made, employees discharge the charges they carry on themselves and walk in electrostatic clothing. Dry air further increases electrostatic discharge. Therefore, as an additional protection of ESD zones, industrial humidifiers are used to reduce the amount of electrostatic charges in the air and protect electronics.

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